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1. TRV

All foreign nationals have to obtain permission to enter and remain in Canada. Visa or permit or eTA is required if you need to come to Canada for a temporary basis as a visitor, student or worker. Application for visitor visa requires number of steps from gathering right documents, getting fingerprints, to application part.  We can help you to get official document issued by a Canadian visa office that is placed in your passport to show that you have met the requirements for admission to Canada as a temporary resident for all the three classes.

Tourist Visa

Study Permit

Work Permit

Super Visa

1. Tourist Visa

Canada, land of immigrants, has been favourite place to live or travel because of high standard of living and quality of life. Every year thousands of people land on Canada to visit their loved ones or explore its exquisite natural beauty. We can help you with our effective, quick and hassle-free visa facilitation services. By choosing us for tourist visa services you can live your dream of going abroad with optimum ease.

2. Study Permit

Undoubtedly, Canada is the best place to gain world-class education providing international platform to students. The number of Study Permit holders in Canada has been increasing manifolds for last many years since the current Liberal government came into power. More than 640,000 study permits were issued in 2019 which was 82 percent rise from 2015. There are number of reasons for which students across the world choose Canada for study such as quality education, diverse communities etc. Moreover, Canadian Government offers many immigration programs to get permanent residency after study.

To get study permit, you have to go through following steps:

  1. Check eligibility and here at Sigma we can assess your eligibility through our free assessment.
  2. Finding a college or university as per your choice of stream and relevance with your previous study. At Sigma Immigration, we guide students through counseling session by briefing about the courses and institutions keeping in mind the profile of student.
  3. Getting admission into your choice of stream. We assist students in getting acceptance letter by helping them to write appropriate statement of purpose.
  4. Applying for visa to study in Canada. Well guided application for visa can save your time and make your process easy.

For further details, get free consultation and begin your study here in Canada.

We are here to help you materialize your dream of studying in Canada.

Contact us today to know the immigration procedure!

3.Work Permit

Canadian work permits are issued to help Canadian employers in recruiting foreign workers in streams like high-skilled workers, low-skilled workers, the Live-In Caregiver Program and the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program. Foreign workers must get an approved job offer along with a work permit to come under TFWP. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) works with IRCC to issue positive or neutral LMIA. In some streams, foreign workers may qualify for program which doesn’t require LMIA.

Sigma Immigration is here to assist employers as well as job seekers in getting positive/neutral LMIA through the entire recruitment process in getting work permit followed by applying for Canada visas.

If you need assistance in getting job offer or have acquired a job in Canada, then we can help you to get work permit which will ease your way to the permanent residency. A valid job offer and required credentials can help you immigrate. Contact us today to get comprehensive work permit solutions.

4.Super Visa

As the name suggests, it is a Super visa which facilitates you to stay in Canada for two years at a stretch but this visa is only for parents. If you’re looking for a consultation agency that can help you to get multiple entry visa/ super visa, then look no further than Sigma Immigration Consultancy. We have great expertise in handling Super Visa applications.

Worker Class


Meanwhile, the number of former Study Permit holders transitioning to permanent residence increased in 2019. During the year, more than 11,500 candidates with prior Study Permit status became permanent residents. We can help you to get post-graduation work permit if you’ve have graduated from a participating Canadian post-secondary institution and want to gain valuable Canadian work experience.


Temporary Foreign Workers program allows Canadian employers to hire foreign nationals in order to fill crisis in Canada’s Labour forces. Our dedicated skill in all areas of the temporary foreign worker process allows us to remove the guess work for our clients and provide them with proven results.

Contact us today to get comprehensive TFW guidance.

  1. IMP
  2. Work permits
  3. Job Offers
  4. LMIA
  5. Owner Operator LMIA
  6. Extension and Restoration of TRV, study permit, WP

Permanent Residency

1.Permanent Residency-EE(FSW, CEC, FST)

You can become a permanent resident of Canada


Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP). Canada’s Family Class sponsorship program includes a stream dedicated to parents and grandparents of Canadian .

3.Spousal Sponsorship

Living far off after marriage is indeed a great challenge for both husband and wife. Our Spouse immigration Consultancy can help you Immigration to your spouse’s place. If you need any advice regarding spousal sponsorship, call us instantly!

4.Family Sponsorship

With the help of family sponsorship program you can call your family members. If you need to call your brother, sister, aunt or uncle, we can help! Contact us today to get the all-inclusive consultation.


Apply for refugee status from within Canada, find out how to come to Canada as a refugee, sponsor a refugee or find refugee services in Canada.

6.Business Visa, Investor Class, Self-Employed


(V) Change in status, Extension, Restoration, PR card, Citizenship File

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