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Study Permit

Study permit is required for a foreign national if he/she wants to engage in professional academic, vocational or any other kind of education or training which is more than duration of six months at a designated learning institution of Canada. Some of the foreign nationals who are exempted from study permit are minor children inside Canada, short term courses, registered Indigenous people, family members and members of accredited foreign representatives or armed forces of country designated for the purpose of visiting forces act. Moreover certain activities do not come under studies and do not require any study permit under immigration and refugee protection act such as pre-school, general interest courses, distance learning and audited courses.

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These are basically post-secondary institutions like schools, colleges and universities; these are confirmed by the ministry of education of that specific province or territory in meeting minimum standards of IRCC. Every DLI has been issued a unique number and all schools whether primary or secondary in Canada are automatically designated thus, they don’t require a DLI number. If an institute is not a designated learning institute, study permit won’t be issued to an applicant except certain circumstances.

Applicants of study permit need to demonstrate the financial sufficiency for the first academic year of their studies irrespective of the duration of the program in which they are enrolled and have to satisfy the officer about a funding for the applicants program. This study permit is mostly issued for multiple entries and is valid for the anticipated completion of study or the actual date of completion whichever comes first plus ninety days.

Student Direct Stream

Legal residents residing in India,china, Philippines, morocco, Vietnam, Senegal and Pakistan come under student direct stream which is actually expedited program of study permit process for the applicants who are applying for study permit at a post-secondary DLI in Canada. Applicant needs to provide proof of full payment of first year tuition fees as well as letter of acceptance from post-secondary DLI. They also need to submit their recent secondary or post-secondary transcripts along with upfront medical report. The proof of language proficiency is also submitted (score of six or higher in IELTS or TEF score with at least seven in each ability). They also have to deposit $10,000 and have to submit proof of this guaranteed investment certificate.

Family member of foreign national who has applied for study permit or work permit can apply for open work permit but the duration of the work permit of the family member must be the same as that of the study permit or work permit of the principal applicant.


PGWP permits students who have graduated from post-secondary DLI’s which are participating Canadian post-secondary institutions. It is a LMIA exempt open work permit. PGWP is issued to holders of valid study permit who must hold study permit at the time of PGWP application and have completed their program of study.

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